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Educational Therapy Terms

Educational Therapy Vocabulary
  • Auditory Memory: An individual's ability to process and remember sounds, letters, words and sentences that are presented orally.

  • Auditory Processing:  An individual's ability to understand and respond to verbal information, letter sounds, words and sentences.

  • Dyslexia:  A language disability in which the individual's ability to read, write, spell, and/or listen  interferes with learning.

  • Executive Functioning:  An individual's ability to plan, organize and problem solve with sustained attention to compete a task.

  • Reading Fluency:  An individual's ability to read with rhythm, expression and accuracy.  Success in reading fluency is related to success in reading comprehension.

  • Phonemic Awareness:​   An individual's ability to hear and manipulate the sounds in letters, syllables and words.  Phonemic Awareness is an essential skill for reading success.

  • Phonics/Decoding:  An individual's ability to understand letter-sound or sound-symbol correlation and apply this understanding to reading and spelling.

  • Visual Processing:​ An individual's ability to understand and respond to visual information and visual stimuli.

  • ​Visual Memory:​  An individual's ability to process and remember sounds, letters, words, sentences and patterns that are presented visually. 

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