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"Jan has been a gift for our daughter and family. She supports her in ways that extends beyond just strengthening her learning profile by customizing learning, activities and games that inspire her to learn and build confidence. Jan is patient, fun and excellent resource and support to us as parents." 

— Parent, 8th Grade Student

"We so appreciate your relationship with and dedication to our son.  It means so much to have other adults in his life who appreciate him!  And he has thoroughly enjoyed his time with you."

-— Parent, 4th grade student

"When our oldest daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, she started working with Jan and we  saw results! She is now a straight A student in middle school. We noticed similar traits with our second daughter and hired Jan.  My girls never complained about going to her. She makes learning fun!" 

— Parent, 4th and 9th grade students

"Jan Esterkin is a deeply caring, energetic and experienced Ed Therapist. I have had a professional relationship with her for almost 20 years.  I collaborate with her often and can attest to her ability to reach and teach our learning challenged students. Her professionalism and impeccable ethics are commendable, as she always goes the extra mile to creatively engage her clients."

— Professional Educational Therapist

"Jan has had such an amazing effect on my daughter, her learning skills, and her desire to learn. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago. Reading has been difficult for her, but Jan has made this fun.  For the first time, my daughter is excited about reading! Jan’s caring and compassionate personality shine through in all that she does and she is a true gift to our family! 

— Parent, 2nd grade student

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