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Jan Esterkin, Office, Ed, Educational, Therapy, Therapist, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West, Jan Esterkin Ed Therapist

Services Provided

The first meeting includes getting to know the child through an informal conversation with the child and parent(s).  The purpose is to gain information regarding the child’s strengths and weaknesses, teachers' recommendations, and the results of neuropsychological evaluations, if available. We conclude the meeting with an understanding of goals, expectations and the prospect of moving forward.

Areas of Focus:​
  • Visual and auditory processing

  • ​Memory

  • Written and oral language processing

  • Reading including phonics, comprehension, and  fluency

  • Executive functioning

  • Attention and focus

  • Math

  • Spelling

  • Organization

  • Study skills

  • Test taking

  • (COVID-Safe Outdoor sessions)

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