Recommended Reading

  • Thomas Armstrong, PhD., The Myth of the ADD Child

  • Russell Barkley, PhD, Taking Charge of ADHD

  • Ronald Davis, The Gift of Dyslexia

  • Peg Dawson, Ed.P, Richard Guare, PhD, Smart but Scattered

  • Maxine Ficksman, Jane Utley Adelizzi, The Clinical Practice of Educational Therapy

  • Susan Hall, Louisa Moats, ​Parenting a Struggling Reader

  • Susan Hall, Louisa Moats, Straight Talk about Reading

  • Edward Hallowell, MD, John Ratey, MD, Driven to Distraction

  • Mel Levine, MD, All Kinds of Minds

  • Mel Levine, MD, Educational Care

  • Sally Shaywitz, MD, Overcoming Dyslexia








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