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Recommended Reading

 The Myth of the ADD Child​, Thomas Armstrong, PhD

Parents can help their ADHD child with non-drug strategies to help attentional and behavioral problems.

 Taking Charge of ADHD​, Russell Barkley, PhD.

Behavior management plans, information on medication, advances in ADHD research, practical advise for parents.

ADHD Book.jpg

 ADHD What Everyone Needs to Know, Stephen Hinshaw, Katherine Ellison 

Authorative and compelling information about ADHD.

Smart but Scattered, Peg Dawson, Ed.P, Richard Guare, PhD

How smart kids lag behind because they lack executive functioning skills (organizing, prioritizing, following directions, focusing)

helping your child with.jpeg

Helping Your  Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities, Daniel Franklin, PhD.

A practical guide to understanding language-based learning disabilities; dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD and processing disorders

Parenting a Struggling Reader, Susan Hall, Louisa Moats

A comprehensive, practical guide for recognizing, diagnosing, and overcoming any childhood reading difficulty.

 Straight Talk about Reading​Susan Hall, Louisa Moats

With guidance, advice, games and resources, parents can find ways to help their child at home.

Driven to Distraction​,Edward Hallowell, MD,  John Ratey, MD

Authors show the varied forms of ADD from the hyperactive to the inattentive.

all kinds of minds.jpg

 All Kinds of Minds​, Mel Levine, MD

A young students book about learning disabilities.

Overcoming Dyslexia​, Sally Shaywitz, MD.

Shawitz offers information about reading problems and practical techniques that work.

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